The word cassoumay means peace, and the place certainly does justice to its name. Since there is so little tourism here, you can enjoy a virtually empty beach stretching far into the distance in both directions. It’s easy to relax around these parts, and time is of no great importance. If you want to be more active, there’s nothing to stop you. Otherwise, it’s quite OK to just do nothing.


Wherever you are traveling in this area, the people are friendly. This makes it possible to travel locally and explore the area on their own. Tourist trips are rare and have not destroyed the indigenous culture or way of life. Here you can experience the real Africa. You can hire local guides for visits and excursions to the area around Kafountine or further afield in Casamance.

Although fishing in our area is relatively unexplored, you can be pretty sure of a good catch. The water conditions here ensure a wide variety of species, and people regularly catch Barracuda, African Threadfin, Senegal Jack, Crevalle Jack and Captain Fish.
Since Cassoumay is situated on the beach, surfcasting for skate and catfish is available whenever you like. For fishing in the Casamance River, you can access a huge salt-water delta. You can rent a boat with a fishing guide just a couple of hundred metres from where we live.


The vast river delta in Casamance, reminiscent of the Florida Everglades, is rich in birdlife and attracts ornithologists from all over the world. Over 600 listed species and the river’s proximity to Cassoumay makes birdwatching particularly exciting.


Africa’s rhythms
The area around Kafountine is a centre for music and creative activity, which means there are plenty of opportunities for taking a course in djembe drumming or African dancing. Play and dance under the guidance of skilled local instructors who have long experience of both teaching and performing.

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