Travelling to Senegal is easy. Little difference in time means no jet lag, and the flight is relatively short. Senegal has a reasonably efficient infrastructure that makes it safe and easy to travel on your own.

Vaccination: Talk to your doctor.

Currency: The West African franc (CFA) is used in Senegal. Otherwise euro. There are ATMs in the cities.

Time zone: Senegal has Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the same as London. 

Clothing: Travel light! Pack for a hot summer but include a warm jersey should there be any cool evenings. Sandals are perfect but bring tougher shoes if you are going into the bush/jungle. Respect others by dressing properly when you go into the village/town. Don’t forget sunscreen and sunglasses.

Cameras: While avoiding military, police and government establishments, you have every chance of bringing home many delightful pictures of your visit. Senegal is packed with subjects and motifs. But, as always, ask first.

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